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About Us

GhanMark is a nonprofit organization built solely on Trust and Diligence


GhanMark Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Ghana, West Africa. With the objective of helping individuals gain a livelihood for self-sustenance, GhanMark Foundation seeks to create a platform for providing a requisite livelihood for a decent standard of living through provision of basic needs and amenities such as food and water for individuals and society. We also seek to be a bridge between potential donor partners and the needy by building a relationship based on our core principles of Trust, Diligence & Hope.


GhanMark Foundation is a Ghanaian community-based organisation established with a mission to reaching out to the vulnerable in society. The organisation functions on the pillars of trust, diligence, and equity for all. Its founders having experienced the unique systems and culture of the Danish society, sort to create a platform that can leverage on the skills and positive attributes inherent in the Danish system and replicate same in the case of Ghana for growth and development.

GhanMark Foundation has been established with the purpose of creating a platform that serves as a bridge between donors as well as the poor and needy in society. The name GhanMark symbolizes the peaceful co-existence and continuous collaborations that still exists amongst both nations.

What Inspired This Great Course

Pastor Frank Appiah - Founder, GhanMark

Historical antecedents

Pastor Frank Appiah, along with other well-meaning individuals conceptualized this NGO. Frank has had the opportunity to live in both Ghana (GH) and Denmark (DK). He moved to Denmark at age 14 in 1992 and therefore knows both cultures intimately.

One of the realities that immediately struck Ps. Frank about the two nations was the fact that their mutual history was rather unappealing and one that engendered disaffection – upon the backdrop of slavery etc.

Ghana-Denmark Relations

The first contacts between Danes and people on the then Gold Coast (now Ghana) were established in the middle of the 17th century. In that period the Danes built among other things the famous Christiansborg Castle in Accra, Ghana. During the first decades after Ghana’s independence in 1957, Denmark contributed to the development efforts in Ghana through several mediums which have lasted the test of time, reflecting the considerable development cooperation between Ghana and Denmark. Over the years, many tourists have visited Ghana to learn and see for themselves the several historical evidence of the strong bilateral relationship that exists between both countries. Below is a section of student tourists visiting the famous Christiansborg Castle in Accra, Ghana.

There exists a mutual understanding and cooperation between the two countries that we think should be further developed or strengthened for better collaborations and mutual benefit for all.

A group of Danish students at Christianborg Castle, Osu – Ghana



Based on the Ghanaian proverb which translates: “One who climbs a good tree always gets a push,” we seek to empower skilled and hardworking people who have a track record of trustworthiness by offering training and business financing.


The way forward to improving DK / GH relations is to work on changing the narrative towards one of Equal Partnership based on Trust & Diligence. This is vision that drives GhanMark.

What We Seek

In a nutshell, this NGO seeks to support trustworthy individuals and groups with demonstrable sense of duty and diligence.

What We Are Currently Doing

The organisation extended financial assistance to a lady beneficiary, who used it to venture into the sale of used clothing. Through diligent coaching and constant mentorship, she has managed to put the capital given to her to judicial use and gained substantial profit. She is now able to take care of herself and her immediate family thanks to the assistance of GhanMark Foundation.

We also currently support a young lady who operates as a mobile money (MOMO) merchant. And the proceeds from the business serves as a source of income for her.

We have over the years supported a dozen young students through organizing the “Back to School” program where we help in raising funds to provide stationery and books for students when school reopens.

What We Need

We kindly wish to ask you the reader to support the good course with anything that you have or may no longer have a use for such as:

See A Beneficiary of GhanMark

Milestones And Goals

Long term:

1. We will acquire an Engagement Hall in Ghana – with in-built hostel and restaurant where visitors from overseas can stay while engaging local partners.

Purpose of Hall: The hall will be mainly used to hold training conferences, but it will be rented out as well.

Mode of Operation: Farmers, IT persons and other aspirants can register to become part of this conference and will be trained by volunteer experts.

2. We seek to have our own farm in the future.


Every member in this NGO has been carefully selected based on proven trustworthy track record with the goal of maintaining diligence, decorum, and excellence.

One of our main partners includes the “African Footprints Foundation”, which is an international cultural exchange NGO.

What’s in it for members

Part of the proceeds from the organizations engagements with businesses become dividends

Members get the rare opportunity of having access to a set of talented and hardworking persons who can be trusted in any profitable partnership.

Members get the opportunity to be instruments of change, changing the Ghana/Denmark narrative towards one of equal partnership by supporting very talented but needy people.

Our Team

Richard Ofori Boateng - GhanMark

Richard Ofori Boateng

Operations & Projects

Samuel Adjabeng - IT Manager Volunteer (GhanMark)

Samuel Osei Adjabeng

IT & Media manager